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About us

After many years of experience in agriculture with plant aids, Maria, along with her daughter Sara, decided in 2017 to found Intact in the heart of the Alps.

Our vision: to bring back joy in agriculture in a solution-oriented way.

So, our residue-free plant aids were created, which have quickly proven themselves viable in the different crops. They have shown to bring new energy, to significantly strengthen to plant health, and to make the plants less susceptible to fungal diseases and pests. This not only enhanced quality but also yield. Today, our vision has become reality; we provide tangible added value to numerous farmers and are constantly growing. In 2023, Luca, Maria's son, also joined the company and leads the business beside her.

Our headquarter is located at Zwickmaierhof in Maia Bassa, Meran. This idyllic location not only offers an inspiring environment for our work but also reflects our connection to agriculture. From here, we coordinate all aspects of our business operations, from product development to customer service. Our closeness to nature inspires us to develop innovative solutions and make products that bring you added value.


Luca plays an essential role in driving the growth strategy of our company and further strengthening our products in the market segment. Goal-oriented, he leads the company together with Maria.


Most often found in the field, advising and assisting customers. Maria has a unique sixth sense for spotting problems in crops by the away. Close collaboration with farmers enables her to develop solution-oriented products to specifically meet all needs in agriculture.

Quality that
makes a difference.

Example with tomatoes: For ripe tomatoes, the rule is: the higher the sugar-acid ratio, the sweeter the tomato, and the sweeter the tomato, the better the taste. The unit of measurement is the Brix-degree, which is measured with a refractometer. It expresses the content of soluble solids in the juice, particularly sugars, acids, aldehydes, ketones, and vitamins. The higher the measurement, the higher the quality.

The role of nutrition in human well-being is one of the most important areas for food producers and consumers alike. Exploring this relationship has revealed the significance of foods that can promote overall well-being, asserting that foods with high nutraceutical values provide both nutritional and medicinal benefits.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware about this correlation between nutrition and health, making conscious choices to opt for nutritious foods that contribute to their well-being. For food producers, this means to focus on cultivating quality.

Nutraceuticals is the discipline that focuses on studying the active principles present in foods and their beneficial effects on health. Foods with high nutraceutical values are those that, in addition to providing more energy and nutrients, offer specific health benefits. These foods are rich in essential nutrients that play vital roles in our bodies.

Examples of nutraceuticals include: •Antioxidants: such as vitamin C and lycopene •Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids: like omega-3 and omega-6 •Vitamins: such as vitamin D •Enzymes: playing key roles in metabolic processes. In summary, foods with high nutraceutical values serve as a bridge between nutrition and health, offering a way to optimize well-being through mindful dietary choices.

Accounting & Marketing

Sara co-founded the company with Maria and continues to support Maria and Luca behind the scenes, striving to convey the values of the company and the importance of the connection between food and health.

The use of Chitoplus and Verde is ideal for enhancing shelf life and high-quality processing of yield. It ensures a full-bodied flavor and pleasant sweetness, adding value to your product.

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