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Simple and dynamic.

Handling the challenges in agriculture together.

Whether it's fungal diseases, pests, stressed and exhausted plants, or low yields, our plant strengthening products make the difference. Bee-friendly and residue-free, we offer you the solution you're looking for.

We connect solution-oriented science with application and daily work, paving the way for a new approach in agriculture. An agriculture that sees food as the basis for human health and is always committed to deliver high-quality food. An agriculture that looks with confidence into the future.

Growing together.

An agriculture that isn’t focusing merely on the current challenges, but one that also plants a seed for future generations by consciously acting in respect of the Earth, the environment, and the health of humans and animals.

An agriculture that harmonizes the needs of people and nature and finds solutions that are both economically profitable and ecologically sustainable in the long term. An agriculture that brings joy and delivers quality.

This is our vision. The Intact.

Rindler Maria Franziska



Whether it's increasing quality and yields, dealing with pests, or fungal diseases, our products are all pure organic liquid composites made out of different plant and mineral extracts.

They promote all natural processes of the plant, from nutrient absorption, photosynthesis, primary metabolism, to secondary metabolism.

They increase stress tolerance, crop yield, and quality. The products revitalize the soil and plants, promoting a balanced ecosystem.

Quality improvement



Growth regulation